Yo, name's Colin. I'm a dorky goofy cosplaying Civil Engineering major college student that thinks he can sorta draw. I'll mostly focus on artisty kind things or awesome buildings, if I can find some decent pictures. But ya, if you have any question or anything go a head and ask! I love answering questions, especially if they're fun ones.



I drew Ashe/Sejuani (+ Lissandra)
I like this relationship in Freljord ٩( >ω< )و

한국어는 이쪽 링크로 « 
세주애쉬라고 그렸는데 정작 애쉬는 한컷만 나오는것이였습니다… ^.T….
애쉬커플링 쪽으론 잔나애쉬를 많이그리지만 세주애쉬도 좋아합니다!!
영어번역은 비누(Soap)님이 도와주셨습니다 :D 항상 감사드려요 !!